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For Sale

PLEASE NOTE: I  AM NO LONGER ABLE TO POST SALE RABBITS TO THIS PAGE! Once I have rabbits available, they are sold very quickly. By the time my babies are weaned, most have already been sold to someone on my waiting list. For this reason, I am no longer posting available rabbits here!  If you are interested in my stock, I HIGHLY recommend contacting me to see what might be available. I may have something available that has not been posted yet, or some on the way. I also suggest you check my Facebook page! Because of the size of my herd and other time constraints, it is very difficult for me to maintain sales on this site. Please review the sales policy below and then contact me through Facebook or email to check on what may be available!

Sales Policy

(Please read before contacting me to purchase a rabbit!)

  1. I require a 50%, non refundable deposit to hold a rabbit. Deposits will not be

     accepted until you have contacted me and we've discussed the situation.

  2. I accept PayPal.

  3. Pricing is based on the individual animal and my evaluation of it's merits. Please be

     aware when it comes to purchasing breeding or show stock, you get what you pay            for. That being said, I am happy to work with youth, 4-Hers, etc.

  4. ONLY show and breeding stock will be sold with a pedigree, no exceptions.

  5. All animals will be healthy at the time of sale, however, the buyer will also be

     expected to examine the rabbit for themselves. Removing the rabbit from the sale

     will be taken as consent that you believe the rabbit is healthy and will fit your needs.

6. We are happy to deliver to any shows we are attending.

7. I reserve the right to decide to keep any rabbit, at any time, for any reason.

8. I have no responsibility for animals after theyleaves the rabbitry and my care, and  

     therefore cannot guarantee reproductive ability, show quality, quality of offspring, etc.

    Also, I am not responsible for injury or death that may occur while a rabbit is under

    the care of a transporter.

9. All sales are final. I cannot provide a refund under ANY circumstances.

10. Sorry, I do not ship, but am happy to work with you in meeting a transporter. 

11. If a situation ever arises and you can no longer keep the rabbit,

     please contact me, as I can and will take the rabbit back if I have cage space.