Forever Dutch Rabbitry

Quality Dutch in Six Varieties, and White Beverens.

Hi, and welcome to Forever Dutch Rabbitry! I am a youth breeder, and have a small, 40 hole rabbitry located in Paola, Kansas. I specialize in black, blue, gray, steel, chocolate and tortoise Dutch, as well as white Beverens. I strive to produce the highest quality animals possible, with consistent type being my main focus. My end goal is to improve both the breeds I raise!

I am a member of the ARBA, ADRC, KSRBA, and ABRC. Our rabbitry is registered with ARBA as Forever Dutch Rabbitry and is rabbitry number #D3882.

Dutch rabbits come in seven varieties, or colors, and are characterized by six distinct markings. They have amazing temperaments, and are great pets, 4-H projects, and show rabbits. (For more about the breed, click here)

Beverens are currently recognized in three varieties- white, blue, and black. They are a large, semi arch breed that is still rare in the United States! I have really enjoyed them in the short time I've raised them. To read more about Beverens, visit this page.

Rabbits that are for sale will be marked as either show or pet quality. Keep in mind that show quality rabbits will be free from disqualifications, and have nicer markings and type than pet quality rabbits, making them more expensive. Pet quality rabbits are rabbits that have a disqualification, or will not show well. I always recommend that you consider what you will use the rabbit for (pet, showing, breeding, etc.), before deciding on a rabbit. Pets are $35, show and breeding stock are priced based on the individual animal.
Interested in learning more about Dutch colors and markings? Click here.

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